Course 156 Forklift Safety: Basic

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This course introduces the student to the safety hazards, precautions, and requirements within OSHA 1910.178, Powered Industrial Trucks. This course has general information about the safe use of forklifts, including loading, transferring loads, and unloading. The hazards associated with operating forklifts in enclosed areas and construction sites are also discussed.

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Key Topics

  • Forklift Components
  • Stability Triangle
  • Driving Safely
  • Loading, Lifting, and Unloading
  • Traveling
  • Inspections

Target Audience

  • Employees
  • Supervisors

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Course Introduction

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A forklift is a powerful tool that allows one person to precisely lift and place large heavy loads with little effort. Using a tool such as a forklift, cart or hand truck instead of lifting and carrying items by hand can reduce the risk that you will suffer a back injury.

Every year nearly 100 workers are killed and 20,000 are seriously injured in forklift mishaps. This course contains general information about:

  • the kinds of forklifts commonly available
  • the principles of physics that allow a forklift to lift and move heavy loads safely
  • forklift operator training requirements
  • some basic operator safety rules
  • hazardous locations where carbon monoxide is a problem or a special forklift is needed
  • safety while servicing a forklift

This course is not designed to be a substitute for operator training in the operation of specific forklifts in a specific workplace as required by OSHA regulations.

Modules and Learning Objectives

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Module 1 - The Forklift

Learning objectives in this module include:

  • Describe the use of forklift safety features: backrest extension, overhead guard, mast, and operator restraints.
  • Define and give an example of the stability triangle, fulcrum principle, and center of gravity.
  • Describe the importance of load and forklift moments in calculating safe lifts.
  • Discuss the impact of raising load on forklift stability.
  • Give examples of safely driving forklifts on ramps with empty and full loads.
  • Discuss the two power sources for forklifts.
  • List and describe the requirements for the use of forklift attachments.

Module 2 - Operating the Forklift

Learning objectives in this module include:

  • Describe the four primary workplace conditions making forklift use hazardous.
  • Describe the various questions to ask when conducting forklift pre-use inspections.
  • Describe the safe work practices when traveling with a forklift.
  • Describe the safe work practices for driving forklifts on ramps, onto trucks, trailers, and railroad cars.
  • Discuss the procedures for loading and unloading material loads and personnel using forklifts.
  • Discuss the importance of considering traffic patterns to help prevent accidents.

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