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Course 702 - Effective Accident Investigation

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Section II: Description of the Accident

  1. Employee #1 returned to work at 12:30 PM after lunch to continue laying irrigation pipes.
  2. At approximately 12:45 PM employee #1 began dumping accumulated sand from an irrigation mainline pipe.
  3. Employee #1 oriented the pipe vertically and it Contacted a high voltage power line directly over the work area.
  4. Employee #2 heard a "zap" and turned to see the mainline pipe falling and employee #1 falling into an irrigation ditch.
  5. Employee #2 ran to employee #1 and pulled him from the irrigation ditch, laid him on his back and ran about 600 ft to his truck and placed a call for help on his mobile phone.
  6. Employee #2 than ran back to find employee #1 had fallen back into the ditch.
  7. Employee #2 jumped back into the ditch and held employee #1 out of the water until help arrived.
  8. Two other ranch employees arrived and assisted employee #2 in getting employee #1 out of the ditch.
  9. Approximately one minute later, paramedics arrived and began to administer CPR on employee #1.
  10. They also used a heart defibrillation machine in an attempt to stabilize employee #1' s heart beat.
  11. At approximately 1:10 PM an ambulance arrived and transported employee #1 to the hospital where he was pronounced dead at 1:30 PM.