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Course 711 - Introduction to Ergonomics

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  • Chairs should be adjustable. (see seating recommendations)
  • Work surfaces should be large enough to support the keyboard, mouse, monitor and documents.
  • The top line of the screen should be just below eye level to keep the neck straight.
  • Monitors should be placed 18-30 inches away from the worker.
  • Keyboards and monitors should be detachable so the angle and position can be adjusted.
  • Keyboard and work-surface edges should be rounded.
  • Documents should be at the same height and distance from the screen.
  • The screen and document should be easily viewed without turning or tilting the worker's head.
  • The monitor and keyboard should be placed perpendicular to windows to avoid glare.
  • Screen contrast and brightness should be easily adjustable.
  • Screen characters should be clearly displayed. No waving or flickering.
  • The mouse should be located so that the arm and should are as close as possible to neutral position.