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Course 711 - Introduction to Ergonomics

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Effective Lifting Techniques

  • Do not exceed the physical ability of the worker.
  • Provide adequate recovery time for tasks that require frequent lifting.
  • Provide easy access so the load is in front of the person lifting.
  • Eliminate twisting by changing the start or end point of the lift.
  • Put items to be lifted between knee and shoulder height.
  • Provide handles or cutouts to make grasping easier, permit a closer lift, and allow items to be carried near the body.
  • Change an object's shape to make it easier to grasp.
  • Decrease the weight of the object.
  • Decrease the distance or height over which the object must be moved.
  • Distribute a load evenly within a container.
  • use hand carts or hand trucks.
  • Use a vacuum-assisted hoist or integrated conveyors.
  • Use loaders, cranes and motorized material pallets to help move load that are larger or heavier than one or two people can safely handle.