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Course 809: Focus Four - Electrocution Hazards

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Focus Four [Electrocution] Toolbox Talks 2:

What protective devices and procedures can you use to prevent electrocution?

What are the hazards? Bodily contact with electricity due to faulty equipment, ungrounded or damaged equipment, wet conditions, etc.

What are the results? Shock, fire, burns, falls or death

What should we look for? Proper training in using engineering controls (e.g. GFCIs, proper cords), assured equipment grounding conductor written program, electrical testing meters

Actual Incident: A 29-year- old male welder was electrocuted and died when he contacted an energized receptacle end of an extension cord. It was found that the welding unit and cord were incompatible; however, both the welding cord and extension cord were damaged allowing them to be used together. The result was an ungrounded system that killed a worker.

How do we prevent these results?

  • Inspect all electrical equipment before use.
  • Use GFCI with all power tools.
  • Use intact and properly rated cords (i.e. correct AWG).
  • Do not use damaged equipment - take it out of service.
  • Institute an assured equipment grounding conductor program.
  • Use testing meters, where appropriate, if you are trained to do so.

Let's talk about our worksite now.

  • Can someone explain how a GFCI works? (If possible, provide a GFCI to use).
  • Who has read this site's assured equipment grounding conductor program?
  • What are some of the requirements?

[Record questions below that you want to ask about this work site.]

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