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Topic - Behaviors

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Observable Behaviors that Measure Technical Safety Training

The following categories of behaviors, adapted from Mastering the Instructional Design Process, by William Rothwell and H.C. Kazanas, may be observed measured in some way. They are usually measured immediately after training when learners complete a verbal/written exam and by completing a skills demonstration.

Comprehension: Reveals the learner's ability to interpret information in their own words classify recognize describe report discuss restate explain review express select identify sort indicate tell locate translate Knowledge: Measures the recall of information arrange name define order duplicate recognize Label list Relate match Recall memorize repeat reproduce
Application: Indicates the learner's ability to use knowledge in a new situation apply, operate, choose, prepare, practice, schedule, sketch, illustrate, solve, interpret, use, perform Analysis: Reveals the learner's ability to break down the "whole" into parts, show relationships among parts, and how they impact the whole. analyze, appraise, discriminate, calculate, distinguish, categorize, examine, compare, experiment, contrast, inventory, criticize, question, diagram, test
Synthesis: Measures the learner's ability to bring together parts of knowledge to form a whole and build relationships for new situations. arrange, manage, assemble, organize, collect, plan, compose, prepare, construct, propose, create, set up, design, synthesize, formulate, write Evaluation: Reveals the learner's ability to make judgments based on the criteria presented. appraise, evaluate, argue, judge, assess, predict, attack, rate, choose, score, compare, select, defend, support, estimate, value
Attitude: Behaviors that give clues to the learner's underlying thoughts and feelings. acclaims, cooperates, joins, agrees, defends, offers, argues, disagrees, participates in, assumes, disputes, praises, attempts, engages-in, resists, avoids, helps, shares, challenges, complies with, volunteers