Course 712 - Safety Supervision and Leadership

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Five strategies to improve supervision

Give lots of feedback

  • Appropriate behavior is reinforced.
  • Feedback is determined by the recipient, not the giver.
  • The giver is in control. If the supervisor does not give feedback, the employee will get it somewhere else.
  • People would rather receive negative feedback than no feedback.

Measure performance

  • Measure behaviors that the employee can control.
  • Measure activity, not results.
  • Comparing present activity/behavior with prior personal bests.
  • Tells you how and when to use feedback.

Define clear goals in writing

  • Written rules are easy to understand.
  • Do accomplish - changing behavior to meet goals.
  • Don't rationalize - changing goals
  • o match our behavior.

Establish concrete consistent rules

  • Don't change in the middle of the game.
  • Can better improve our performance with consistent rules.

Allow freedom to choose

  • Results in "I want to" thinking rather than "I have to" thinking.
  • Supervisors feel they must tell workers how, why, what to do.
  • Telling how without their asking for direction it drains initiative.