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Course 714 - Fall Protection Program

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Business Policy

Our company is committed to achieving and maintaining a safe, healthful workplace for all its employees. We base our commitment on a safety and health program that involves all employees in the effort to eliminate or control workplace hazards. All employees, including managers and supervisors, will be held accountable for following this policy.

Management Responsibilities

Managers are responsible for preventing workplace injuries and illnesses and will consider all employee suggestions for achieving a safe, healthful workplace. Managers will stay informed about workplace hazards and will review the safety and health program at least once a year.

Supervisors' Responsibilities

Supervisors are responsible for supervising and training employees to work safely. Supervisors must enforce safe work practices and correct hazardous conditions.

Safety committee responsibilities

The safety committee includes managers and other employees who are responsible for identifying hazardous conditions and unsafe conditions, and recommending how to eliminate, prevent, or control them. The committee is also responsible for helping managers review the safety and health program's strengths and weaknesses.

Employees' responsibilities

Our safety and health program achieves success through our employees. All employees are responsible for identifying and reporting hazards immediately to their supervisors or safety committee representatives, for following safe work practices, and for using required personal protective equipment.