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Abrasive Wheel Grinder Checklist

____ Is the work rest used and kept adjusted to within 1/8 inch of the wheel?

____ Is the adjustable tongue on the top side of the grinder used and kept adjusted with within 1/4 inch of the wheel?

____ Do side guards cover the spindle, nut, flange, and 75 percent of the wheel diameter?

____ Are bench and pedestal grinders permanently mounted?

____ Are goggles or face shields always worn when grinding?

____ Is the maximum RPM rating of each abrasive wheel compatible with the RPM rating of the grinder motor?

____ Are fixed or permanently mounted grinders connected to their electrical supply system with metallic conduit or by another permanent wiring method?

____ Does each grinder have an individual on/off switch?

____ Is each electrically-operated grinder effectively grounded?

____ Before mounting new abrasive wheels, are they visually inspected and ring tested?

____ Are dust collectors and powered exhausts provided on grinders used in operations that produce large amounts of dust?

____ To prevent coolant from splashing workers, are splash guards mounted on grinders that use coolant?

____ Is cleanliness maintained around grinders?