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Cranes and Hoists Checklist

____ Are cranes visually inspected for defective components prior to the start of any work shift?

____ Are all electrically-operated cranes effectively grounded?

____ Is a crane preventive maintenance program established?

____ Is the load chart clearly visible to the operator?

____ Are all operators trained, and provided with the operator's manual for the particular crane being operated?

____ Have construction industry crane operators been issued a valid operator's card?

____ Are operating controls clearly identified?

____ Is a fine extinguisher provided at the operator's station?

____ Is the rated capacity visibly marked on each crane?

____ Is an audible warning device mounted on each crane?

____ Are cranes with booms that could fall over backward, equipped with boomstops?

____ Does each crane have a certificate indicating that testing and examinations have been performed?

____ Are crane inspection and maintenance records maintained and available for inspection?