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Environmental Controls Checklist

____ Are all work areas properly lighted?

____ Are hazardous substances identified which may cause harm by inhalation, ingestion, skin absorption, or contact?

____ Are employees aware of the hazards involved with the various chemicals they may be exposed to in their environment, such as ammonia, chlorine, explosives, and caustics?

____ Is the work area's ventilation system appropriate for the work being performed?

____ Are proper precautions being taken when handling asbestos and other fibrous materials?

____ Are caution labels and signs used to warn of asbestos?

____ Is the possible presence of asbestos determined prior to the beginning of any repair, demolition, construction, or reconstruction work?

____ Are asbestos-covered surfaces kept in good repair to prevent release of fibers?

____ Are wet methods used (when practicable) to prevent emission of airborne asbestos fibers, silica dust, and similar hazardous materials?

____ Is vacuuming with appropriate equipment conducted, rather then blowing or sweeping dust?

____ Are grinders, saws, and other machines that produce respirable dusts vented to an industrial collector or central exhaust system?

____ Are all local exhaust ventilation systems designed and operated properly (at the airflow and volume necessary) for the application? Are the ducts free of obstructions? Have you checked to ensure that the belts are not slipping?

____ Is personal protective equipment provided, used, and maintained whenever required?

____ Are there written standard operating procedures for the selection and use of respirators?

____ Are restrooms and washrooms kept clean and sanitary?

____ Us all water (provided for drinking, washing, and cooking) potable?

____ Are all outlets for water (that is not suitable for drinking) clearly identified?

____ Are employees instructed in the proper manner of lifting heavy objects?

____ Where heat is a problem, have all fixed work areas been provided with a proper means of cooling?

____ Are employees working on streets and roadways, where they are exposed to the hazards of traffic, required to wear high-visibility clothing?

____ Are exhaust stacks and air intakes located so that contaminated air will not be recirculated within a building or other enclosed area?