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Ergonomics Checklist

____ Are workstations and tasks assessed for ergonomics hazards?

____ Is a medical surveillance program established to detect possible ergonomic injuries and hazards earlyon?

____ Can the work be performed without eye strain or glare to employees?

____ Can the task be done without repetitive lifting of the arms above the shoulder level?

____ Can the task be done without the worker having to hold his or her elbows out and away from the body?

____ Can workers keep their hand and wrists in a neutral position when working?

____ Are mechanical assists available to the worker performing materials-handling tasks?

____ Can the task be done without having to stoop the neck and shoulders to view the work?

____ Are pressure points on any part of the body (wrists, forearms, back of thighs) being avoided?

____ Can the work be done using the larger muscles of the body?

____ Are there sufficient rest breaks, in addition to the regular rest breaks, to relieve stress from repetitive motion tasks?

____ Are tools, instruments and machinery shaped, positioned, and handled so that tasks can be performed comfortably?

____ Are all pieces of furniture adjusted, positioned, and arranged to minimize strain on the body?

____ Are unnecessary distances eliminated when moving materials?

____ Are lifts confined within the knuckle to shoulder zone?

____ Does the task require fixed work postures?

____ Is work arranged so that workers are not required to lift and carry to much weight?

____ If workers have to push or pull objects using great amounts of force, are mechanical aids provided?