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Hand Tools and Equipment Checklist

____ Are all tools and equipment (both company and employee-owned) in good working condition?

____ Are hand tools such as chisels or punches (which develop mushroomed heads during use) conditioned or replaced as necessary?

____ Are broken or fractured handles on hammers, axes, or similar equipment replaced promptly?

____ Are appropriate handles used on files and similar tools?

____ Are appropriate safety glasses, face shields, and similar equipment used while using hand tools or equipment which might produce flying materials or be subject to breakage?

____ Are jacks checked periodically to assure that they are in good operating condition?

____ Are tool handles wedged tightly in the head of all tools?

____ Are tool-cutting edges kept sharp so the tool will move smoothly without binding or skipping?

____ Is eye and face protection used when driving hardened or tempered tools, bits, or nails?