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Hazard Communication Checklist

____ Have you compiled a list of hazardous substances that are use in your workplace?

____ Is there a written hazard communications program dealing with Safety Data Sheets (SDS), labeling, and employee training?

____ Is there a person designated responsible for SDSs, container labeling, and employee training?

____ Is each container for hazardous substances (vat, bottles, and storage tanks) labeled with product identity and an appropriate hazard warning (communicating the specific health hazard and physical hazards)?

____ Is there an SDS readily available for each hazardous substance used?

____ How are employees of other employers (contractors, etc.) informed of hazardous substances and labeling etc.?

____ Is a hazard communication training program in place?

____ Does the written hazard communication program contain all information required in OSHA safety and health standards?

____ Are employees familiar with the hazardous chemicals they use daily, including emergency procedures?

____ Are SDSs placed and made readily available in a central location where most of the work is being accomplished?