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Hearing Conservation Checklist

____ Are there areas in the workplace where continuous noise levels exceed 85 dBA?

____ Are noise levels being measured using a sound level meter or an octave band analyzer, and records of these levels being kept?

____ Has the company tried isolating noisy machinery from the rest of your operation?

____ Have engineering controls been used to reduce excessive noise?

____ Where engineering controls are not feasible, are administrative controls (worker rotation) being used to minimize individual employee exposure to noise?

____ Is there an ongoing preventive health program to educate employees in safe levels of noise and exposure, effects of noise on their health, and use of personal protection?

____ Are employees who are exposed to continuous noise above 85 dBA retrained annually?

____ Have work areas (where noise levels make voice communication difficult) been identified and posted?

____ Is approved hearing protection equipment (noise attenuating devices) used by every employee working in areas where noise levels exceed 90 dBA?

____ Are employees properly fitted, and instructed in the proper use and care of hearing protection?

____ Are employees exposed to continuous noise above 85 dBA given periodic audiometric testing to ensure that the company has an effective hearing protection system?