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Industrial Trucks and Forklifts Checklist

____ Are only trained personnel allowed to operate industrial trucks?

____ Is substantial overhead protective equipment provided on high-lift rider equipment?

____ Are the required lift-truck operating rules posed and enforced and is the capacity rating posed in plain view of the operator?

____ Is directional lighting provided on each industrial truck that operates in an area with less than two foot-candles per square foot of general lighting?

____ Does each industrial truck have a warning horn, whistle, gong, or other device which can be clearly heard above the normal noise in the area where operated?

____ Are the brakes on each industrial truck capable of bring the vehicle to a complete and safe stop when fully loaded?

____ Will the industrial truck's parking brake effectively prevent the vehicle from moving when unattended?

____ Are industrial trucks operating in areas where flammable gases or vapors, combustible dust, or ignitable fibers may be present in the atmosphere, approved for such locations?

____ Are motorized hand and hand/rider trucks so designed that the brakes are applied and power to the drive motor shuts off when the operator releases his/her grip on the device that controls the travel?

____ Are industrial truck with internal combustion engines (and operated in building or enclosed areas) carefully checked to ensure such operation do not cause harmful concentrations of dangerous gases or fumes?