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Infection Control Checklist

____ Are employees potentially exposed to infectious agents in body fluids?

____ Have occasions of potential occupational exposure been identified and documented?

____ Has a training and information program been provided for employees exposed to or potentially exposed to blood or other body fluids?

____ Have infection control procedures been instituted where appropriate, such as ventilation, universal precautions, workplace practices, and personal protective equipment?

____ Are employees aware of specific workplace practices to follow when appropriate (handwashing, handling sharp instruments, handling laundry, disposing contaminated materials, reusable equipment, etc.)?

____ Is personal protective equipment provided to employees, and in all appropriate locations?

____ Is the necessary equipment (mouthpieces, resuscitation bags, and other ventilation devices) provided for administering mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on potentially infected patients?

____ Are facilities/equipment to comply with workplace practices available, such as handwashing sinks, biohazard tags and labels, sharps containers, and detergents/disinfectants to clean up spills?

____ Are all equipment, and environmental and working surfaces cleaned and disinfected after contact with blood or potentially infectious materials?

____ Is infectious waste place in closable, leak-proof holders with proper labels?

____ Has medical surveillance including HBV evaluation, antibody testing, and vaccination been made available to potentially exposed employees?

____ How often is training done and does it cover: universal precautions, personal protective equipment, workplace practices, needlestick exposure/management, and Hepatitis B vaccination?