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Lockout/Tagout Procedures Checklist

____ Is all machinery or equipment (capable of movement) required to be de-energized or disengaged and locked out during cleaning, servicing, adjusting, or setting-up operations?

____ Is it prohibited to lock out control circuits in lieu of locking out main power disconnects?

____ Are all equipment control valve handles provided with a means of lock out?

____ Does the lockout/tagout procedure require that stored energy (i.e., mechanical, hydraulic, air) be released or blocked before equipment is locked out for repairs?

____ Are appropriate employees provided with individually keyed personal safety locks?

____ Are employees required to keep personal control of their keys(s) while they have safety locks in use?

____ Is it required that employees check the safety of the lockout by attempting to start up after making sure no one is exposed?

____ Where the power disconnecting means for equipment does not also disconnect the electrical control circuit:

____ Are the appropriate electrical enclosures identified?

____ Are means provided to assure the control circuit can also be disconnected and locked out?