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Materials Handling Checklist

____ Are materials stored in a manner to prevent sprain or strain injuries to employees when retrieving the materials?

____ Is there safe clearance for equipment through aisles and doorways?

____ Are aisleways permanently marked, and kept clear to allow safe passage?

____ Are motorized vehicles and mechanized equipment inspected daily or prior to use?

____ Are containers of combustibles or flammables, when stacked while being moved, always separated by dunnage sufficient to provide stability?

____ Are dock boards (bridge plates) used when loading and unloading operations are taking place between vehicle and docks?

____ Are trucks and trailers secured from movement during loading and unloading?

____ Are hand trucks maintained in safe operating condition?

____ Are chutes equipped with side boards of sufficient height to prevent materials from falling off?

____ Are chutes and gravity roller sections firmly placed or secured to prevent displacement?

____ At the delivery end of rollers or chutes, are provisions made to brake the movement of materials?

____ Are materials handled at a uniform level to prevent lifting or twisting injuries?

____ Are material-handling aids used to lift or transfer heavy or awkward objects?

____ Are pallets usually inspected before loading and/or moving?

____ Are hooks with safety latches or other devices used when hoisting materials so that slings or load attachments won't accidentally slip off the hoist hooks?

____ Are securing chains, ropes, chokers or slings adequate for the job being performed?

____ When hoisting materials or equipment, are provisions made to ensure that no one will be passing under suspended loads?