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Personal Protective Equipment and Clothing Checklist

____ Are jobs or tasks assessed for hazards that require personal protective equipment?

____ Are hazard assessments properly certified?

____ Is training on the use, care and disposal of PPE conducted and documented?

____ Are protective goggles or face shields provided and worn where there is any danger of flying particles or corrosive materials?

____ Are approved safety glasses required to be worn at all times in areas where there is risk of eye injury such as punctures, abrasions, contusions, or burns?

____ Are protective gloves, aprons, shields or other protection provided against cuts, corrosive liquids, and chemicals?

____ Are hard hats provided and worn where danger of flying or falling objects exists?

____ Are hard hats inspected periodically for damage to the shell and suspension system?

____ Is appropriate foot protection required where there is risk of foot injury from hot, corrosive, poisonous substances, falling objects, crushing, or penetrating actions?

____ Are approved respirators provided for regular or emergency use where needed?

____ Is all protective equipment maintained in a sanitary condition and ready for use?

____ Are eyewash facilities and quick-drench showers within a work area where employees are exposed to caustic or corrosive materials?

____ When lunches are eaten on the premises, are they eaten in areas where there is no exposure to toxic materials or other health hazards?

____ Is protection against the effects of occupational noise exposure provided when sound levels exceed those of the OSHA noise and hearing conservation standard?