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Piping Systems Checklist

____ When nonpotable water is piped through a facility, are outlets or taps posed to alert employees that it is unsafe and not to be used for drinking, washing, or personal use?

____ When hazardous substances are transported through above-ground piping, is each pipeline identified?

____ Have asbestos-covered pipelines been identified?

____ When pipelines are identified by colored paint, are all visible parts of the line well identified?

____ When pipelines are identified by color-painted bands or tapes, are these located at reasonable intervals, at each outlet, valve, or connection?

____ When the contents of pipelines are identified by name or abbreviations, is the information readily visible on the pipe near each valve or outlet?

____ When pipelines carrying hazardous substances are identified with tabs, are the tags constructed of durable material, the message clearly and permanently distinguishable, and tags installed at each valve or outlet?

____ When pipelines are heated by electricity, steam, or other external source, are suitable warning signs or tags placed at unions, valves, or other serviceable parts of the system?