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Safety Committees Checklist

____ Is an active safety committee in place and composed of members according to State OSHA safety and health rules?

____ Are records kept documenting safety and health training for each employee by name or other identifier, training dates, type(s) of training, and training provider?

____ Does the committee meet at least once a month or as often as required by State OSHA safety and health rules?

____ Is a written record of safety committee meetings distributed to affected employees, and maintained for review according to State OSHA safety and health rules?

____ Does the safety committee conduct regular safety inspections or audits?

____ Does the safety committee review the results of safety inspections and offer recommendations to management for corrective actions?

____ Does the committee review accident and near-miss investigations and, where necessary, submit recommendations to prevent future incidents?

____ Does the committee involve all workers in the safety and health program?

____ Has the safety committee developed safety programs, such as accident investigation procedures, according to State OSHA requirements?

____ Have safety committee members been trained and instructed in duties, responsibilities, hazard identification and control, and accident investigation procedures?