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Transporting Employees and Materials Checklist

____ Do employees operating vehicles on public thoroughfares have operator licenses?

____ Are motor vehicle drivers trained in defensive driving, and proper use of the vehicle?

____ Are seat belts provided and are employees required to use them?

____ Does each van, bus, or truck routinely used to transport employees have an adequate number of seats?

____ When employees are transported by truck, are provisions provided to prevent their falling from the vehicle?

____ When transporting employees, are vehicles equipped with lamps, brakes, horns, mirrors, windshields, and turn signals that are in good repair?

____ Are transport vehicles provided with handrails, steps, stirrups, or similar devices that have been placed and arranged so employees can safely mount or dismount?

____ Is a fully-charged fire extinguisher in good condition, with at least "4 B:C" rating maintained in each employee transport vehicle?

____ When cutting tools with sharp edges are carried in passenger compartments of employee transport vehicles, are they placed in closed boxes or containers which are secured in place?

____ Are employees prohibited from riding on top of any load which can shift, topple, or otherwise become unstable?

____ Are materials that could shift and enter the cab secured or barricaded?