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Walkways Checklist

____ Are aisles and passageways kept clear and are they at least 22 inches wide?

____ Are aisles and walkways appropriately marked?

____ Are wet surfaces covered with non-slip materials?

____ Are openings or holes in the floors or other reading surfaces repaired or otherwise made safe?

____ Is there safe clearance for walking and aisles where vehicles are operating?

____ Are materials or equipment stored so sharp objects can not obstruct the walkway?

____ Are changes of direction or elevations readily identifiable?

____ Are aisles or walkways that pass near moving or operating machinery, welding operations, or similar operations arranged so employees will not be subjected to potential hazards?

____ Is adequate headroom for the entire length of any walkway?

____ Are standard guardrails provided wherever aisle or walkway surfaces are elevated more than four feet above any adjacent floor or the ground?

____ Are bridges provided over conveyors and similar hazards?