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What is Behavior-based Safety?

Behavior-based Safety is a method to use positive reinforcement to change unsafe behavior. The system:

  • Is employee-based for continuous improvement.
  • Analyzes tasks and hazards to identify critical safety behaviors.
  • Analyzes behavior based on job observation.
  • Uses feedback about safety performance as reinforcement.

Behavior-based Safety Principles

  • Behavior is the cause of accidents.
  • Consequences motivate behavior.
  • What gets measured gets done.
  • Feedback is essential to improvement.
  • Quality is built-in early in the process.
  • Conversations change organizations.

Behavior-based Safety and Integrated Safety Management

Is Behavioral Safety the Missing Piece of ISMS?

The Behavior-based Safety Process is an integral component of the Integrated Safety Management System (ISMS) and is consistent with the five ISMS core functions as follows:

ISMS Core Function

BBS Process Element

Define the Scope of Work

Define the scope of the effort and personnel involved

Analyze the Hazards

Analyze the hazardous behaviors to identify critical safety acts

Develop and Implement Hazard Controls

Develop critical safety behavior checklists and behavioral observation methods

Perform Work Within Controls

Train workers/observers; establish safe acts baseline behavior; begin observation and calculation of the percentage of safe acts

Provide Feedback and Continuous Improvement

Provide feedback to workers and observe improvement in the percentage of safe acts and other measures (OSHA)

Source: DOE

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