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Validate ATP Training


This page allows students who have completed Authorized Training Provider (ATP) training to validate their certificates. By validating your certificates, you will know your training valid and 100% OSHAcademy approved.

For ATP certificates issued AFTER February 1st, 2017, please use the LINK in red provided below:


For ATP certificates issued BEFORE February 1st, 2017, please proceed to the FORM below:


Only an OSHAcademy ATP student should complete this form. OSHAcademy can only provide student information to a third-party at the request of the student. If an employer needs to verify a student's training, the student should submit a request using this form. In the request, the student should provide the email address of the employer requesting validation of the training.

Training vs. Certification

OSHAcademy ATPS are authorized to provide awareness-level training. OSHAcademy does not certify students trained by ATPs are qualified or competent to perform OSH responsibilities. If you have any questions about OSHAcademy ATP training or certification, please contact our ATP Coordinator.

Please use this form to:

  • Validate certificates issued by an ATP
    • Please provide the following information in the message body:
      • ATP Name
      • Program or Course Title
      • Issue Date
  • Ask a question about an ATP

Submit Your Request

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