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How to Become an ATP

OSHAcademy ATP Requirements

OSHAcademy has established a strict set of requirements each applicant must meet in order to qualify to become an Authorized Training Provider (ATP). These requirements ensure only training organizations with the right combination of education and experience are qualified to provide OSHAcademy training.

Important Note to all Applicants: Although we appreciate your interest, OSHAcademy is only able to accept a limited number of Authorized Training Providers. This means not all applicants who meet the requirements listed below, will be approved as an OSHAcademy ATP.

All ATP applicants must meet the following minimum requirements:

Is there an application fee?

Yes. A non-refundable fee of $650.00 must be submitted with the initial ATP application.

What is covered in this fee: $300.00 Application Fee + $350.00 Pinkerton Background Check = $650.00

Upon approval of the ATP application, the Training Director is required to pass a formal background check conducted by Pinkerton Consulting and Investigation. In this background check, Pinkerton performs a thorough investigation into the Training Directors education, work, and criminal history.

What are the benefits of being an OSHAcademy ATP?

As an OSHAcademy ATP, you are authorized to conduct OSHAcademy training. OSHAcademy training is "recognized" by colleges, universities, insurance companies, and many public and private sector organizations worldwide. Our training is endorsed by the National Safety Management Society and recognized by the Institute for Safety and Health Management. OSHAcademy training is even used by state OSHA agencies to help meet their own internal training needs.

OSHAcademy is a trusted provider of high quality safety and health training. As an OSHAcademy ATP, you will have access to our extensive library of trainer resources and materials, helping you meet your customer's needs. OSHAcademy also reviews and updated training materials on an ongoing basis. This means OSHAcademy ATPs have access to the most current training information available.

High quality training certificates, transcripts, and cards are issued by OSHAcademy. As the issuing body, OSHAcademy maintains all training records and provide long-term support for students.

Receive an ATP Application

For more information or to request and ATP application, call our ATP Coordinator at +1 (971) 217-8723 or email us at support@oshacademy-atp.com.