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Corporate Discounts


As a corporate client, you are eligible to receive exclusive discounts on OSHAcademy training certificates. The more employees you enroll in the training, the more money you save when you purchase certificates!

Corporate Discount Rates

Less than 10 employees?

Whether you are a small business planning on growing in the future or simply want to try out our training with a couple employees, you can still receive our corporate discount in the future! The corporate discount will be applied once you purchase certificates for the 10th employee.

How are corporate discounts applied?

Discounts are applied on a cumulative basis. This means that as more of your employees complete OSHAcademy training, your discount rates increase. The example below helps to explain how corporate discounts are applied.


Acme Manufacturing purchases certificates for five employees. Even though Acme Manufacturing doesn't qualify for a corporate discount, they still have access to all the corporate client benefits. The next month, Acme Manufacturing has their 10 newly hired employees complete OSHAcademy's 10-hour Employee Occupational Safety and Health program. This brings the total number of students for Acme Manufactoring to 15. They receive a second invoice that includes a 5% discount on the 10 additional students.

A few months later, Acme Manufactoring has each of their five supervisors complete OSHAcademy's 36-hour Occupational Safety and Health Supervisor program. Additionally, they have 20 employees complete OSHAcademy's 32-hour Safety Committee/Team Member program. This brings the total number of students for Acme Manufactoring to 40 (5 + 10 + 5 + 20). On their third invoice, Acme Manufactoring receives a 10% corporate discount on the 25 additional students.

As Acme Manufactoring continues to have employees complete OSHAcademy training, they continue to receive a corporate discount at their respective discount rate.

Purchase Credits

OSHAcademy recognizes that sometimes it's more convenient for some of our corporate clients to purchase "credits" for training certificates before a training occurs. For example, if you intend to hire 20 new employees over the course of 3 months and would like to purchase the certificates for the employees together on one invoice. Some reasons you may want to do this is to qualify for a larger corporate discount, saving time by paying via a single invoice, and peace of mind knowing the certificates are paid for and you only need to register the employees.

As an additional incentive to purchase "credits" before employees receive their training, for every $200 a corporate client spends toward "credits" they will receive an OSHAcademy Ultimate Guide. OSHAcademy's Ultimate Guides provide you with the skills, audits, and know-how to make your job as a safety professional easier so you can do what you do best: help others stay safe and make a difference where you work.

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