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Is The Training Really Free?

Yes, It's Really Free!

You can register on our website, access our training material, including quizzes online, and complete all of our courses for FREE.

OSHAcademy only charges a small administrative fee if you want to receive a printed study guide or document your training. Other online training providers charge a fee to access training material and do not give you the option to choose the type of certificate you receive. This is a significant difference between OSHAcademy and other providers.

Since we only charge an administrative fee if you want official certificates and transcripts, we are able to keep our fees low! This is just one of the benefits of OSHAcademy training!

Many other companies charge a fee to access their training material and then give you a low-quality PDF certificate to document training. Often these sites also place a time limit on your training. If you fail to complete the training within their time limit, you lose both your money and your training.

OSHAcademy doesn't put a time limit on your training! Complete your training when you have time and at your own pace. If you do purchase your certificates in advance, you will never lose access to your training. Need to take a few months off? No problem. We'll be here when you are ready to start back up!

At OSHAcademy, you can purchase individual certificates for each course you complete, or you can purchase a program. OSHAcademy program packages are a great opportunity for students and employers who want a more comprehensive training experience. When you purchase a program package, you receive certificates for each of the required program courses, a program certificate, a program wallet card, and your student transcripts.

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