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Is Access to Training Really Free?

Yes, It's Really Free!

We give everyone free access to our course training materials.

We only charge a fee if you want OSHA-recognized official training documents, including program and course certificates, your personal student transcript, and a training record card. When you choose to document your training, you also receive your exam results through your student dashboard.

OSHAcademy sets the standard. Most other online training providers charge a fee to access their course material and limit how long you will have access in the future. OSHAcademy provides life-time access to our course material and doesn't require a fee in advance.

Student Feedback

James Wise, United States May 2018

"I am a former EHS Manager of twenty years. I have been out of the industry recovering and then rehabilitating from a serious injury. I have recovered and am ready to jump back into the field. My first interview for a Safety position in ten years is tomorrow. I have spent the last two weeks refreshing my knowledge and learning what has changed by taking several of your courses and reading many of your materials, all for free. None of this would have been affordable to me if I had to pay and the process of plowing through the CFR to refresh my knowledge would have taken me months. I will remember your service when it comes time for me to get certified. I want to thank you for providing this service for free. Promoting learning for those who want to work safe and prevent workplace accidents, yet cannot afford to pay is an admirable endeavor, I salute you. Thank you very much! "

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