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Oil and Gas Safety and Health Professional

Program Description

The oil and gas industry continues to expand in all areas of the world and the need for safety professionals has never been greater. Identifying and controlling onshore and offshore oil platform hazards, reducing fatalities, injuries and illnesses, and designing effective OSH management systems specific to the oil and gas industry are essential skills to the success of organizations.

This program is the best value for ambitious individuals and employers in the oil and gas industry who want to get the most out of their safety training experience. If you have high-career goals, are passionate about the field, and want to develop the skills needed to effectively manage safety in your workplace, this program will help you get there. Maximize potential transfer credits, earn CEUs, or prepare for other professional credentials by completing this program now!

Determine your future as an Oil and Gas Professional!

This extensive training program will help provide you with the knowledge you need to successfully lead your organization.

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"I just want to say thank you for OSHAcademy! I took your 233 hour Oil & Gas track before I went to my local TEEX OSHA Training Institute where I took classes and finally received my CSHO. Your Oil & Gas track was the best prep for the CSHO classes. The knowledge I gained from taking the Oil & Gas track allowed me to breeze through the OSHA instructor led classes." - Philip E., USA

Individual Benefits

Whether you are trying to break into the safety field, stay current in the oil and gas industry, or get promoted, this program is the best way to reach these goals. When you complete this program and purchase certificates, you will be able to:

Business Benefits

CEOs, managers, supervisors, safety directors, and other leaders within your organization have a fiscal, legal, and moral responsibility to ensure the health and safety of all employees at a worksite. By putting management through this comprehensive program, you will be able to:

  • Equip your safety leadership with the skills they need for the oil and gas industry.
  • Develop safety measures tailored to the oil and gas field.
  • Remain compliant with the Occupational Safety & Heath Administration (OSHA).
  • Effectively manage safety within your organization and make smart decisions.
  • Instill the commitment needed to make safety a priority in your organization.
  • Communicate your support for safety.
  • Decrease the long-term costs of doing business.
  • Protect your company against liabilities.
  • Use safety to differentiate and rise above your competitors.

This online training program is designed for CEOs, managers, supervisors, safety directors, safety consultants, and other leaders within an organization who operate in a general industry setting. Any individual who has a fiscal, legal, and moral responsibility to ensure the health and safety of employees at a worksite should complete this program.

This program also benefits individuals seeking to break into the safety field who will be working in the oil and gas industry, as the program provides the most in-depth look on how to effectively manage safety within an organization. This program helps you develop the essential skills you will need for your future job as a safety leader in a company operating in an oil and gas environment.

Career Paths in Safety and Health

What is the right career path for you?

There are several safety positions with different levels of responsibility in an Occupational Safety and Health career path. Each advancing level typically requires higher levels of experience, education, and knowledge and skills in leadership, business practices, safety and health, and communication and information technology.

OSHAcademy wants to help our students who want to learn about these career opportunities. This PDF brochure will take a look five different positions at the typical qualifications, duties and education required for each position.

While other online training providers require you to make a payment to access their training material, OSHAcademy provides 100% free access to all of our training courses and material. There is no fee to sign up, complete any of our training courses, or to take the course exams. We do offer affordable prices if you want detailed exam results and course or program certificates. Whether you just want free training or want to purchase one of our certificate packages, we have what you need at OSHAcademy!

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What you get!

Program Certificate

Sample 233-hour Oil and Gas Program Certificate

Training Record Card

Sample Training Record Card

Course Certificate

Sample Course 700 Certificate


Sample Transcript

To qualify for this program certificate, students must complete all required courses listed below. There is no time limit to complete the required courses.

  1. 700 Introduction to Safety Management
  2. 701 Effective Safety Committee Operations
  3. 702 Effective Accident Investigation
  4. 703 Introduction to OSH Training
  5. 704 Hazard Analysis and Control
  6. 705 Hazard Communication Program
  7. 706 Conducting a Job Hazard Analysis
  8. 707 Effective Safety Committee Meetings
  9. 708 OSHA Recordkeeping Basics
  10. 709 Personal Protective Equipment
  11. 710 Energy Control Program - LOTO
  12. 711 Introduction to Ergonomics
  13. 712 Safety Supervision and Leadership
  14. 713 Confined Space Program
  15. 714 Fall Protection Program
  16. 715 Electrical Safety Basics
  17. 716 Safety Management System Evaluation
  18. 717 Emergency Action Plans
  19. 718 Fire Prevention Plans
  20. 719 Fleet Safety Management
  1. 720 Preventing Workplace Violence
  2. 721 Developing OSH Training
  3. 722 Ergonomics Program Management
  4. 723 Conducting OSH Training
  5. 726 Introduction to Machine Guarding
  6. 736 Intro to Process Safety Mgmt (PSM)
  7. 750 Introduction to Industrial Hygiene
  8. 751 Hearing Conservation Program Mgmt
  9. 755 Bloodborne Pathogens Program Mgmt
  10. 802 Trench and Excavation Safety
  11. 805 Fall Protection in Construction
  12. 900 Oil and Gas Safety Management
  13. 901 Oil and Gas Hazard Awareness
  14. 902 Well Site Preparation & Drilling Safety
  15. 903 Well Site Completion & Servicing Safety
  16. 904 Oil and Gas Well Inspection
  17. 906 Oil Spill Cleanup
  18. 907 Introduction to SEMS II
  19. 908 Offshore Oil and Gas Safety I
  20. 909 Offshore Oil and Gas Safety II

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Module Quiz

Each course is organized into modules. Each module has a quiz designed to help the student self-assess their understanding of the course content. After submitting their quiz answers, students receive immediate feedback. Quiz results are not recorded and can be taken multiple times.

Course Exam

After studying the course material and taking the module quizzes, students can take the course exam. The course exam is designed to test the students understanding of the course material. Course exams are composed of multiple choice questions selected from our extensive question bank.

Exam Characteristics
  • Students have two hours to complete the course exam.
  • The exam is open book. You can use your notes or the study guide to help answer questions as needed.
  • You must achieve a minimum score of 70% to pass the exam.
  • If you do not pass the exam, you may retake the exam.
    • Students are only allowed to take an exam three (3) times within a 48-hour period.
    • After the third attempt, students must wait 48 hours before attempting the exam again. During this time, students should review the course material to improve their understanding.
  • If you pass the exam, you may not retake the exam to raise your score.

When you complete the 233-hour Oil and Gas Safety and Health Professional program, you also complete four additional programs. When purchasing certificates for this program, you will receive a program certificate for each of these programs:

  • 233-hour Oil and Gas Safety and Health Professional
  • 192-hour Oil and Gas Safety and Health Manager
  • 164-hour Oil and Gas Safety and Health Supervisor
  • 155-hour Oil and Gas Safety and Health Specialist
  • 70-hour Oil and Gas Safety and Health Trainer (Train-the-Trainer)

This program does not include certificates for the general industry programs.

When you complete one of our training programs, you're completing a recognized certificate program. Our programs are designed to help educate employees, supervisors and managers in various occupational safety and health topics.

If you are trying to transition into the safety and health field, then our programs will help you build a strong foundation in work-related safety and health. OSHA courses, such as the OSHA 10 and OSHA 30, only discuss rules and regulations. Our programs are designed to help teach supervisors and managers how to create effective safety and health programs within a company. If you are trying to break into the safety and health field, these are essential skills you will need.

Once you complete and purchase certificates for one of our training programs, you can list it on your resume under the category of professional development. We cannot say our programs will guarantee you a job in the OSH field; however, they certainly will help you build knowledge. Obtaining a job in the OSH field depends on several factors, such as your job aspirations, experience in the field and how well you interview.

Some colleges and universities, such as Columbia Southern University (an accredited university in Orange Beach, Alabama) grants credits for our 132-Hour OSH professional program. Additionally, some professions and organizations require individuals to meet CEU requirements which can be fulfilled by taking our training in many cases. You should always check with schools and other organizations to ensure they will accept our training.

OSHAcademy students that have already completed and paid for their training may qualify for a discounted price when purchasing a new program.

To determine if you qualify for a discount and how much the discount might be, our staff will need to evaluate your OSHAcademy transcript.

Please contact our office and our staff would be happy help!

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