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School Safety Outreach Program

School Safety

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics there were 217,300 non-fatal occupational injuries and 37 fatalities in U.S. elementary and secondary schools in 2014. This makes public schools the second-highest industry for workplace accidents in the United States. Approximately 5 in 100 public school employees will suffer a workplace injury or illness each year.

What OSHAcademy can do for you

Legal Requirements

Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, employers have a responsibility to provide a safe workplace for their employees.

School districts, as the employer, should establish a safety program to ensure:

Does each school have to do this?

YES. Every school, or separate site with employees working on a regular basis, should implement a site-specific safety program.

The Problem

Administrators, teachers, and support staff have little, if any, safety and health experience or training.

How do they fit developing a quality safety program into their already busy schedules?

The Solution

OSHAcademy is here to help!

Our online safety and health training courses and programs provide the know-how needed to establish a high-quality safety program. Because our training is online and self-paced, it is easy to fit into even the busiest of schedules.

OSHAcademy students can access our training on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or eReader device. You can even download our PDF course study guides, allowing you to train anywhere you go, with or without an Internet connection.

We have training programs to help your district safety director, school principal, safety committee leader and members, classroom teachers, and support staff.

How Much Does It Cost?

Because we believe the safety information we provide is important for everyone to learn, we do not charge any fee to access our training courses. We do charge a small fee to officially document a student's training and cover our administrative costs.

As a K-12 school district, administrators, teachers, and support staff are eligible to receive a 50% discount for all PDF certificate packages for both courses and programs!

What about our students? Can they take and receive the K-12 Educator discount?

Absolutely. We already have schools putting high school students through our 10-hour Employee OSH program. This is a great program for students!

Establish an Educator Account

To receive the educator discount, you will need to establish an educator account. Once we receive your information, we will contact you to see how we can best fit your needs. There is absolutely no cost or obligation when requesting an Educator account. To request an educator account please click here.

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Courses to Consider


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Programs to Consider

Safety Committees
Safety Trainers
Administration and Faculty

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Please note: Our training courses provide essential general knowledge awareness training about each topic, however an employer must provide training for the specific equipment, policies, and procedures in use at their work site(s).

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