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"I want to say thank you for providing me the resources and training to obtain a career opportunity of a lifetime. The OSHAcademy training courses and programs have helped me tremendously in my career as a safety professional. OSHAcademy as played an important role in helping be successful in that effort. I am a very passionate goal-driven leader, adept at overseeing day-to-day operations and monitoring safety performances to ensure alignment with Occupational Safety and Health standards. OSHAcademy training has help me obtain great skills, including first-rate strategic planning and program management abilities by:

  1. Overseeing safety manufacturing and logistic environments.
  2. Recommending and implementing procedures
  3. Improving safety through observation, training and continued oversight.
  4. Establish a safety committee/team to support a safe and healthy workplace.
  5. Help gain the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct occupational safety and health training for employees by helping them to mitigate work place hazards.

I love my career as a safety professional and my dad was a great mentor in my life and has told me that you will do great in things you love and have a passion for. He was employed at Eastman Chemical Company for 36 years as a chemical operator and then a supervisor before he retired. Again, Thank you OSHAcademy for all of your training and support! "Without a passion there is no vision without a vision you cannot accomplish your God called mission."

Kenny Pruitt, Plant Safety Manager (Texas, USA)