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"Attending OSHAcademy and completing the 132-hour OSH Professional program was one of the best things to happen to me. When I started the certification program, I was working offshore trying to figure out how to get into a safety role. I have always been around OSHA and very familiar with it, but the certification program taught me material that I had forgotten and new material that I didn't know.

It was at OSHAcademy I discovered Columbia Southern University. After completing the 132-hour OSH Professional program in May of 2016. I enrolled into Columbia Southern University in August of 2016, completed my Associates in Occupational Safety & Health in June of 2017 and my Bachelor's in Occupational Safety & Health in September of 2018. I finished both degrees with a 4.0. I am now a Pipeline Safety Inspector and been at my current company for a year and a half. I can't thank OSHAcademy enough for helping me accomplish some of my goals. I do plan on taking more courses through OSHAcademy to expand my knowledge."

Tevon was recently featured on the CSU Communicator as well. Read the article here.

Tevon Steward, Safety Inspector (Texas, USA)