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"I am fortunate to have found your website. I have just completed the 132 hour OSH Professional Program and I am truly amazed with the product you have produced. Your site is so user friendly and when it comes to the training you guys really did an outstanding job! The OSHAcademy staff members are extremely professional, quick to respond, and very friendly. They are here to help with your best interest in their forefront to succeed.Courses are broken down with the just the right amount of information in each section/slide, that makes information easier to retain. The use of real case examples and interactive questioning makes this online learning experience a memorable one and best of all the information is learned and used for my daily application at work and life. For example in course 712 Safety Supervision and Leadership, the Supervisor's role to identify and correct hazards one tool is using Informal Observation. Meaning that the Supervisor should be out on the floor regularly observing for needed identification and/or correction hazards that may arise within their departments. I have made it a personal challenge to myself, to get out of my office and walk my clinic spaces at least hourly to ensure daily operations are being conducted smoothly. There have been times I have caught my employee(s) not practicing in safe or standard procedures. Instead of discipline the individual, I educate and train on the proper procedure or safety violation and make it give them an individual reasoning why we have to comply but most important how being safe (or the lack of) can or could impact them directly. I feel with this approach I have gotten a better quality, productive worker than the approach I was using of straight discipline that led to an uneducated, disgruntled worker. Plus that worker has now corrected others of his past mistakes."

HM1 (FMF) Garcia, Hector R. USN/AD/L03A (California, USA)