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"At the outset, I will start by the OSHAcademy trainers have the exceptional ability to make the trainees comprehend the most complex concepts. I would like to thank you OSHAcademy for the support extended in completing Oil and Gas Safety and Health Professional program successfully. Contents and delivery was very good and tough seen concepts were explained in easy and to the point method. OSHAcademy made impossible to possible by handling statistics, real scenario, and presentations.

OSHAcademy training has afforded me a well rounded skills, including first-rate strategic planning and program management abilities by:

  1. Overseeing safety manufacturing and logistic environments.
  2. Recommending and implementing procedures and training changes.
  3. Improving safety through observation, training and continued oversight.
  4. Counseling staff on proper procedures for completing tasks and handling materials.

After completing OSHAcademy training, I received promotion in my position. What I could wholeheartedly say is that the sincerity with which the entire OSHAcademy team carried out this program, in terms of addressing the individual training needs of the participants is commendable."

Imad M. Abou Antoun, QHSE Manager (Lebanon)