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Active Duty and Retired Veteran Discount

OSHAcademy believes it is important for the men and women of the United States Armed Forces to have the support, skills, and training they need to succeed in the civilian workforce once they leave the service. To assist in this effort, OSHAcademy provides a 20% discount to both active duty personnel and retired veterans of the US Armed Forces who have completed training to help build their job skills in the occupational safety and health profession.

To be eligible for this 20% discount, U.S. veterans must have received:

Wounded Warrior Discount

OSHAcademy would like to extend a special offer to our wounded warriors. As a thank you for your service and sacrifice, we would like to offer you free PDF certificates for any completed course or program of your choosing. To be eligible for this offer, veterans must:

If you also want to receive original certificates, please contact us for more information.

Important: These offers are not valid for past purchases and you must contact us prior to making the payment to receive the discount.

When you are ready to purchase certificates to document your training, please let us know the following information:

  1. Do you want PDF, original, or PDF & original certificates?
  2. What programs or courses do you want certificates for?
  3. Please attach a copy of your Veterans status to your email (block out any personal information).
Why Choose OSHAcademy

You can download your PDF certificates directly from your training dashboard after making a purchase.

You can complete the training at your own pace, moving as fast or slow as needed.

Easily verify your certificates online. You can be confident certificates issued by OSHAcademy are legitimate.

Our high-quality certificate package options include PDF, Original, and PDF & Original formats.

Access 100% of our training material for free, including the study guide, module quizzes, course activities and resources, and course exams.

OSHAcademy prices, on average, are 25% less than other online training providers.

Learning Partnership Opportunities

Recognized as two of the top schools for active-duty military members and veterans, thousands of military men and women choose Columbia Southern University (CSU) and Waldorf University to earn a quality education while preserving our nation's freedom.

As a CSU Learning Partner, OSHAcademy students who complete and purchase a qualifying program can receive a 10% tuition discount and potential course credit from CSU and Waldorf University.

Staff Sergeant B. Williams, U.S. Army RetiredOctober 2018

"I am overwhelmed at the generosity of OSHAcademy. I truly appreciate the opportunity to learn through this institution. I have always recommended this training to employers and employees looking to build their knowledge. Thank you for supporting our great Veterans, especially in these hard times when Veterans need wonderful supporters like OSHAcademy. I am sure your generosity has possibly been just the break some of our great Veterans have needed. Again I am truly grateful. I look forward to recommending OSHAcademy to many more up coming safety professionals."