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What Others Say About Our Training

Ku-dos: praise or respect given

Dave M., Trinidad & TobagoAugust 2021

"I am new to the Health and Safety field and the introduction I've had through this course (Course 625: HIPAA Privacy Training) has exceeded my expectations primarily because of it's direct relevance to my current job. Everything I learned here was directly relatable to stuff I encounter on a daily basis at work. This course has thus far "opened" my eyes to a whole new "world" in health & safety."

Kenneth Z., United StatesMarch 2021

"OSHAcademy has prepared me with the skills and knowledge needed to become more effective in safety. The courses and programs are excellent and give all who participate in them a cutting edge on specific fields of interest. OSHAcademy is by far the best I happened to come across and I am proud to have accomplished what I have. Thank you OSHAcademy!"

D. Scot G., JapanJanuary 2021

"It was very motivating to take your courses and I am thankful for their availability. The overall experience was amazing. Your program structure and presentations are very easy to understand and navigate. Excellent training opportunities."

Richard D., United StatesDecember 2020

"I was compelled to write to you to tell you how much I enjoy attending the OSHAcademy. I received my 132 hour OSH Professional certificate along with some other additional certificates. I will be back at the academy for some extra training very soon. I am a prior member of the Armed Services and retired firefighter. I recommended your site to others like me who are familiar with safety and are interested in refresher training and enhancing their education. Your platform offers great information without the burden of a brick and mortar and some of the other difficulties we are facing, especially during these times. This is straightforward adult education on very important matters which expounds beyond workplace practices. Safety is an all day everyday topic which is relevant in all aspects of life, and your site teaches that."

Sani A., NigeriaAugust 2020

"I would like to take the time to let you know how impressed I was with the quality and level of training that I received online from OSHAcademy. I found that the courses are very user friendly, insightful, and full of great information. No matter where you live and what you do for work, you can benefit from OSHAcademy's training courses."

Jennifer H., TaiwanJuly 2020

"Years of experience in the footwear manufacturing industry, I am thankful for connecting to OSHAcademy Occupational Safety and Health Training. I appreciate the training programs that shared lots of knowledge and techniques which are very helpful to create a hazard-free work environment for employees also ensure employer compliance with OSHA and states rules and requirements. I learned a lot and shall effectively put what I learned to demonstrate leadership not only in the OSH field but also in everyday life. Thank you so much for the professional yet inspiring training."

Thomas B., United StatesJune 2020

"Thanks for the program you have created. I am POWERING through the 192-Hour Construction Safety and Health Professional Program. I have specialized in Construction Safety, but my experience was rather narrow. The classes have allowed me to gain a knowledge base beyond my everyday work."

Shea M., United StatesMay 2020

"I've taken a great many of the safety courses now, and this one (712 Safety Supervision and Leadership) has been the most valuable to me. Employee discipline, in relation to safety issues can be difficult, and this material breaks the need down well."

Michael C., United StatesMay 2020

"I found the mixture of visual and audio components to each section valuable and informative. The breakdown of each module allowed for me to revisit and study any area for clarification easily and thoroughly."

Gideon E., United StatesApril 2020

"The training is absolutely perfect and I enjoyed it. I also like the fact that one can download the course PDF and learn before starting the course. I am an aviation rescue and firefighter and this course is good for me as well as other courses here so I have recommended it to my colleagues too. I would suggest the scenario videos be downloadable so that individuals can watch it as much as they can to improve their understanding. Thanks to OSHAcademy."

Eric H., United StatesApril 2020

"Thank you for making me aware of possible dangerous situations that exist on the job site and what common mistakes to avoid so I don't injure myself or a coworker. I also appreciated the statistics on injuries related to nail guns. The break down of each type of trigger was informative and I was unaware different triggers even existed. Thank you safety first! I also liked the 50 page plus PDF file on Nail Gun Safety that was included as course content, especially for later use or to show how in depth this certification was on the topic NAIL GUN SAFETY. I like the video audio sections as well."

Robert M., United StatesApril 2020

"I like how everything was put together to help train and get the knowledge through without confusing the trainee. At the end of the day it's about reading and understanding. This helps that. Keep up the good work."

Susan J., United StatesMarch 2020

"As someone who is currently pursuing a bachelors in Occupational Safety, this was a really good format to present the information. The graphics are very good."

David C., United StatesFebruary 2020

"I have enjoyed working on the courses that you have. I have learned a lot from the courses and it is a great way to keep up with the changes in the safety requirements for each area of construction. I really like that everything is free to access and this allows many others to be able to get the information that they need to be able to do their work safely. I think it would be a great idea if more of the agencies that develop the standards allowed free access to the information instead of charging a fortune just to get the information."

Daniel V., United StatesFebruary 2020

"As a crane operator this course gave me more info and I really appreciate it and I want to thank whoever made this website, you are helping and making it possible for me to be aware when operating the crane you are the reason I now know what I didn't know yesterday."

Robert W., United StatesJanuary 2020

"This training is extremely valuable and educational. Hopefully i will be able to take what i have learned here and make an impact in our Safety Program, and more importantly an impact on how our management perceives a good safety program."

Festus M., ZambiaJanuary 2020

"The most important thing I like about OSHAcademy's training platform is its generosity in terms of content delivery where one can undertake the exam at no cost and use its materials without paying a dime. This makes even any 'free-rider' take a back place of self-introspection for lack of a better term and appreciate that it's an obligation to place value on education. I will ensure that I recommend friends to get enrolled for OSHAcademy's programs, sit for exams, and get certifications. The cost of the certifications are so low compared to the derived value/benefit from them. Indeed you guys deserve a lot more and thank you a million times!"

Shideh S., Saudi ArabiaJanuary 2020

"As a professional trainer, I really appreciated this course material (OSHAcademy course 703 Introduction to OSH Training). It provided a great revision of some principles that I had already studied at university and extended my knowledge to understanding what is relevant in the field of health and safety."

Robert T., United StatesDecember 2019

"This has been my first interaction with your organization although I've worked in safety for years. I love the format, process, and business model and will leave positive reviews to share my thoughts with other potential students. Thank you for reaching out to me and for creating such a great program. God bless you and your efforts."

Beneva N., United StatesNovember 2019

"I truly enjoyed this particular course (605 Confined Space Safety). The presentation was useful and contained information that cannot be ultimately considered common sense. The module quizzes were very useful in aiding my understanding of the material. Best one yet!!!"

Cat K., CanadaNovember 2019

"I'm really enjoying these courses. They're well laid out, easy to follow and have good content. As an instructional designer myself, I am impressed with how well these are done - definitely much better than most online training programs."

Terry L., United StatesOctober 2019

"Before enrolling with OSHAcademy I completed several courses from other providers. This OSHAcademy course (105 Hazard Communication: Basic) was more comprehensive than any others I have taken from other providers. I really feel that I am going to get my money's worth from OSHAcademy!"

Michael G., NCDOJ, United StatesOctober 2019

"The course information is presented in a professional and relative manner to the industry. It is easy to follow and assists in understanding the material and its applications in a real world environment."

Eleazar P., PhilippinesSeptember 2019

"I learned more about the CSMS particularly on safety culture, worksite analysis, and prevention of hazard and control (OSHAcademy course 800 Introduction to Construction Safety Management). The knowledge acquired is useful in daily routine activity in the construction. Excellent."

Scott R., United StatesSeptember 2019

"I started the [804 Safe Scaffold Erection and Inspection] course not knowing that much about scaffolding of the many different types. I feel much better that I can now better understand the workings of the scaffolding and it's uses. The final exam was easy to understand the questions based on all the quizzes and the content of the course."

Joanna G., United StatesAugust 2019

"I really loved this course format [625 HIPAA Privacy Training]. I did not have any trouble with it at all. If you really take your time to read and study everything is easy and you can also go back to your study guide as well. The exam was easy to understand. The questions were so direct and made it so much easier."

Dappa B., NigeriaAugust 2019

"I like the fact that the training process is well elaborated and detailed with pictures and videos. It is very easy to understand. Thanks a lot for making things easy for a distance learner like me."

Philip E., United StatesAugust 2019

"The course [162 Accident Investigation: Basic] is a great basic course. Having served on an accident investigation board, this information was well organized and directly relatable to the process."

Adeyemi S., NigeriaJuly 2019

"The course [714 Fall Protection Program] really helped me understand all the necessary things about fall protection and rescue at height. It taught me to always check my protective or positioning device system before and after use and how to attach it to the surfaces with the correct lanyard length. Above all, it taught me to be safety conscious both on and off the job."

Agidiogun S., NigeriaFebruary 2019

"The material provided by OSHAcademy is an invaluable material that is priceless and has strongly improved my skills and knowledge in best industry practices. It focuses on the OSHA Standard, which of course is adopted by majority of the oil, gas and construction industry operating in Nigeria. I just want to say thank you for the support and for providing such a platform that provides training whose value far outweigh the price placed on the course. Keep improving health and safety through knowledge sharing."

Foshie B., USAJanuary 2019

"I continue to thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the program. I've successfully completed a number of national exams for occupational safety and health (OHST,REM, and CHESP). The information and facts gained from the study for those exams pail in comparison to what I've learned thus far from OSHAcademy's curriculum."

Wesley S, EHS Manager, American Furniture WarehouseDecember 2018

"OSHAcademy has not only educated me to be a successful EHS manager, but it has also allowed the company I work for to be recognized by OSHA and have a published article on the OSHA website for a reduction in strains... The training modules are up-to-date and gives all the information you need to become a safety professional. I encourage anybody who works in a business who chooses to make safety a priority, utilize the training OSHAcademy provides... All employees need to understand the importance of safety and OSHAcademy helps get this done."

B. Williams, United StatesOctober 2018

"I am overwhelmed at the generosity of OSHAcademy. I truly appreciate the opportunity to learn through this institution. I have always recommended this training to employers and employees looking to build their knowledge. Thank you for supporting our great Veterans, especially in these hard times when Veterans need wonderful supporters like OSHAcademy. I am sure your generosity has possibly been just the break some of our great Veterans have needed. Again I am truly grateful. I look forward to recommending OSHAcademy to many more up coming safety professionals."

C. Marove, MozambiqueAugust 2018

"This training experience met my expectations. The reading, listening, and watching material was very useful and helpful. I just want to thank all the OSHAcademy staff for changing my professional and academic life through this valuable training. Thank you."

J. Niemann, United StatesJune 2018

"I cannot express enough how valued these courses are to someone in my position. OSHAcadamy is a great way to stay sharp on regulations, and industry best practices."

S. Sahil, PakistanDecember 2017

"Undoubtedly OSHAcademy has provided marvelous services in the field of education. The organization has given free of cost study materials with charging low prices for their online certifications"

J. Tamez, United StatesNovember 2017

"This is awesome site to visit and prepare ones self for a career in safety, safety management, or anything else to help your employees be safe... Great work OSHAcademy!"

M. Sweeting, United StatesJuly 2017

"Course presentation is overwhelming. My knowledge continues to increase. In my 17 seventeen years in the field it's totally different when doing the theory, I love this course with OSHAcademy. Very professional and I can't wait to complete and purchase my certificates."

R. Morales, MexicoJune 2017

"Your methodology of offering the training free first and then leave us the choice of paying for the certificate is something to admire and be grateful for! Thanks a lot for helping people like me to continue improving our career on safety and health."

J. Lester, United StatesMay 2017

"This was a very good course and although I have been doing electrical work for over thirty years and supervising people that do electrical work for over two decades, I'm always amazed that how periodically going back through the training helps."

B. Jordan, United States April 2017

"I would like to take time to thank Steve and Kim at OSHAcademy for their help. Recently I took the EM385-1-1 and was accepted by NAVFAC for two separate projects. I had twenty years prior DoD OSHA experience but without the certificate I would not have qualified. The course was user friendly. Kim was patient with my questions allowing me to access the course and see my chapter scores promptly after completion. I would recommend Geigle Safety Group to anyone who wishes to upgrade their resume or add continuing education credits to their transcripts. Kim and Steve are accessible for questions and no one will pressure you to take a course you don't want or need."

M. Obied, Saudi Arabia March 2017

"I have just completed your new OSHA Construction Safety & Health Professional and OSHA Safety & Health Professional. Well, to be honest, I have never enjoyed any safety course like yours. The course content and the details are quite amazing. Nothing was left out because the course was in-depth. I have done other professional safety courses but OSHAcademy is one in a million. Those who developed the course are core professionals with in-depth knowledge. I got more than what I expected"

D. Barckhoff, United States January 2017

"Being a certified Pharmacy Tech with hospital & retail experience, the info presented is an excellent and very relatable situational refresher for the type of situations that maybe encountered in a hospital pharmacy setting. (Course 630)"

G. Wumborlen, Qatar December 2016

"Content was well organized and easy to follow. The training experience has improved my knowledge. The quizzes helped me check my understanding. The training experience met my expectations and was valuable to me"

T.Z.N. Thabede, South Africa November 2016

"Hi, I just want to thank everyone from OSHAcademy family for your help and support you gave me through out the course, I became emotional when I saw a man from DHL knocked at my door to deliver my certificates. May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you all and carry on with you good work to train us especially here in Africa. Thank you."

J. TyasMirza Asih, Mexico October 2016

"OSHAcademy is one of the few safety training organizations with a well tailored learning experience. All modules are well organized to meet my expections. I will gladly say that OSHAcademy is a world class learning environment for any safety professional."

K. Forrest, United States September 2016

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the Arm Lever Equation in Module #3 of Course 711. Having a practical scientific way to physically support the claim of force applied to the lower back during the lifting process was awesome! As an instructor, I am constantly searching the internet for practical examples of real world situations to help put things into perspective for my students. The Arm Lever Equation (and subsequent explanation of it) has given me a whole new way to help students understand the value of proper lifting techniques. Thank you for the presented information, and I can't wait to use it in my next safe lifting techniques training!"

J. Dziendziel , United StatesAugust 2016

I just wanted to thank Mr. Geigle and his team for giving me the initiative to achieve all of my employment goals. OSHAcademy's training allowed me to further my career at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and gave me a head start in earning a degree in Occupational Safety and Heath through Columbia Southern University. Thank you once again.

L. Whited, United States January 2016

"I just completed the 132-Hour OSH Professional Program. Thank you for providing this training. I have been working in the Environmental Health and Safety field for nearly 5 years with little official training, most has been OJT, seminars and workshops. I provided my employer with my transcripts and certificate today and the feedback was fantastic. The HR Manager asked for more info on the training to see if it is something we can implement plant wide. Again, I thank you for this opportunity. This course has given me a lot more confidence in performing my role as an EHS Administrator."

T. Stricker, United States December 2015

"OSHAcademy's courses are excellent. I have learned some great things that will help me with my teaching style. I am actually excited about conducting safety training now."

J. Harvard, United States November 2015

"I completed your 192-Hour Construction Professional Program a couple of weeks ago. The program was very good and the material was up-to-date and well thought out. This past week I was in San Antonio and passed my OSHA 500. I was surprised to find some of the content in the classroom book was the same as you provided in your online class. I would recommend your course to anyone as I learned a lot about my profession and material that I had not been exposed to on the job. Another outstanding benefit of your courses is that you allow material to be downloaded via a PDF study guide. This makes it easy for me to look up information if I am unsure of something. Thank you for providing such a great class at an extremely discounted price."

B. Naworio, Nigeria October 2015

"I have just completed your new OSHA Construction Safety & Health Professional and OSHA Oil & Gas Safety & Health Professional. Well, to be honest, I have never enjoyed any safety course like yours. The course content and the details are quite amazing. Nothing was left out because the course was in-depth. I have done other professional safety courses but OSHAcademy is one in a million. Those who developed the course are core professionals with in-depth knowledge. I got more than what I expected."

D. Baillie, South Africa September 2015

"Just wanted to brag and say that I have completed every course on your portfolio, and have enjoyed every minute of it. I have learned a lot and try to apply it in my own training. I have also tried to introduce more students to your website and encourage them. Thank you for everything. It has been a blessing."

J. Malong, Qatar August 2015

"I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to OSHAcademy for the information shared to me that really keeps me informed on safety issues that need to be known, especially to a safety practitioner like me. I had been passing the information like this to our co-workers in the company during Tool Box Talks and I found it very helpful because it reminds the workers on how to avoid unnecessary activities."

S. Zephir, Mauritius July 2015

"I would like to thank you for the occupational safety and health courses offered online in your esteemed Academy. I am very happy to be a part of OSHAcademy and to study for the development of my future career. I am confident that the knowledge acquired through OSHAcademy will contribute heavily to my current employment. I am very appreciative of this great opportunity and look forward to ordering my certificate soon."

S. Marshall, United States June 2015

"I just wanted to compliment you for this most excellent course! What a valuable resource! Bloodborne Pathogens Management is well-written in language that is easy to understand. It is well organized with knowledge checks throughout, and the scenarios demonstrate how the information directly applies to those needing this type of training. I cannot thank you enough for making this resource available to support our efforts to promote safe and healthy workplaces."

K. Weaver, United States May 2015

"My employment is thriving as a direct result of my taking advantage of the incredible courses you have developed. I have gone from entry level to SAFETY MANAGER in 2 1/2 years due to my knowledge & ability to put it to use. I never neglect to attribute that to OSHAcademy."

Debbie Jones, United States April 2015

"Just wanted to thank you again for all your encouragement as well as your company's help to achieve my goals. I am now six classes away from my Master's in OS&H. As soon as I make some money on this new internship, I plan on taking your oil and gas professional course."

S. Spears, United States March 2015

"I just have to say that this website is amazing. I just took course 715 Electrical Safety Basics and am starting course 700 Introduction to Safety Management. I know I am a good safety leader, but, with the courses you have, I can be the best. The courses are easy to understand and fun. I just love what you have done, with the ability to take the course for free and pay for the certificate and go at your own pace to get the most from the courses. It is great! "

K. Batten, United States February 2015

"Over the weekend I took these courses and found them to be the most thorough of any training in these areas. I have taken a lot of training in my lifetime and thought I knew it all. Not so. I would advise any SSO, SST, Superintendents, Foremen, Master craftsmen, intermediates, or apprentice workers to take these free courses. If you know of any courses not covered by OSHAcademy that you would like to see training modules on, contact the OSHAcademy staff. They are currently working on several courses I have recommended."

M. Asari, Cameroon January 2015

"I am so grateful for OSHAcademy and the great opportunities this prestigious institution is offering to the world on fatality prevention and safety of the people. I would rate OSHAcademy as the number one leader in the field of occupational safety and health. Having received my oil and gas safety certificates, I now have valuable knowledge that creates a workplace that is free from fatalities, injuries and occupational diseases."

D. Douglas, United States December 2014

"When I first began my career in Safety, I needed to learn the basics and I found it very useful to take the free courses through the OSHAcademy. They taught me the 'vocabulary' I needed to get into the conversation. I really appreciate how Steve has grown OSHAcademy over the years and I still recommend new safety professionals take advantage of OSHAcademy's course offerings."

J. Gabaldon, United States November 2014

"I recently completed the 132-Hour OSH Professional Program and was totally amazed by how in-depth all the courses went. They cover everything you need to know to build a starting foundation into OSH. With this program and the right amount of field experience, you could be an outstanding OSH director. I now have quite a bit more safety knowledge than what I had upon starting this program. I'm really looking forward to taking a few other courses Ive spotted through OSHAcademy."

C. Clements, United States October 2014

"I really enjoyed this course (703) and believe it would benefit anyone who works in the world of safety and health, including regulators!"

Mark Santana, Saudi Arabia August 2014

"This is my last course taken for 132-hr Professional program. I really appreciate the whole program; there are a lot of things I learned which I would have difficulty acquiring with traditional classroom setting due to work/family time constraints. All are well-structured and thought, and importantly, valuable. All courses are applicable as far as my job (Management Appointee, OHSAS 18001) is concerned; they are comprehensive yet easy to understand - I really thought that reading the materials is refreshing. Kudos!"

Kenneth Pegues, United States July 2014

"I enjoyed this subject (711 Introduction to Ergonomics) because we as managers sometimes forget to factor in ergonomics when we purchase equipment. This subject reminded me that people come in all shapes and sizes."

Donald Duval , United States July 2014

"I would like to take the time to let you know how Impressed I was and am with the quality and level of training that I received Online from OSHAcademy.com I found that the courses are very user friendly, insightful and full of great information. Know matter where you live and what you do for work you can benefit from OSHAcademy's training courses, information 24/7. Sir your customer service is outstanding 5 star hands down."

David Barckhoff, United States May 2014

"I have taken several Trench Rescue training classes & assisted in teaching them while working with several Fire dept's during my 26 year career. This class is an excellent refresher & a very good in depth online training class that complements the hands on trench rescue training. I can say the same for your Confined Space training class. I would recommend all fire & rescue dept's to print and read both study guides to supplement and complement the hands on training classes."

And Many More...

We have many more great comments from students dating back to 2008. We think these more recent comments help demonstrate the quality of our training programs and courses.

How Can I Give My Feedback?

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