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Pay Additional Fees


The additional fees payment method is only for students, organizations, and third parties who need to make a non-standard payment using a credit card.

1. Do you need to make a non-standard payment?

The additional fees payment method should only be used for the following purposes:

2. Contact Our Office

You must contact our office before using this payment method to ensure your payment is received and applied to your account correctly. You may experience a delay in updating your account or in receiving your certificates if you do not contact our office to arrange an Additional Fees Payment.

3. Include Payment Details

When submitting an Additional Fees Payment, enter a description of your purchase (200 character limit). This description will help us connect your payment to the correct account. Examples of information you may include:

Example: Samantha Smith, #545432, Upgrade Fee, PDF & Original

4. Enter the Payment Amount

Enter the amount to pay in US dollars. Example: $219.00

Pay Additional Fee

  • $

  • Please allow one (1) business day for your payment to be processed and your account to be updated.
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