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How Do I Get Started?

Assess Your Training Needs

Depending on your role, industry, and goals, we understand that you have unique training needs. By offering a wide variety of courses and world-class customer support, OSHAcademy is dedicated to providing you with training solutions that exceed your expectations.

To choose the right OSHAcademy training solution for you, a good place to start is by reviewing your current job role and determining what your goals are. Whether you want to break into the safety field, remain current as a safety professional, or maximize potential transfer credit, our programs are designed to help you meet these goals and more.

If you need training specific to your industry, OSHAcademy has options that will give you the level of detail needed to succeed at safety in your profession.

Some businesses or organizations have detailed training requirements that must be met. It is always a good idea to check with your current or potential employer about their specific training requirements. Our training is recognized by colleges, universities, insurance companies, and many public and private sector organizations worldwide! Students from all branches of the US military, NASA, and other well-respected organizations have completed our training and have used our materials to meet their unique needs as safety professionals.

Sign up as a Student

OSHAcademy has a quick and easy registration process that allows you to begin training within a matter of minutes! With no registration fee, there is nothing holding you back from gaining the safety knowledge and experience you need. All you have to do is click Sign Up on the OSHAcademy homepage.

Begin an OSHAcademy Course

After you have registered as a student, you can log in to your student account using the Student ID and Password you created when sign up. At OSHAcademy, we value your unique needs and preferences, which is why we offer online and offline study options. If you prefer to study online, you can begin a course by clicking on the course title. If you prefer to study offline, you can purchase one of our printed study guides at the Course Store Page. For more information about our printed study guides, click here.

Document Your Training

Documenting your training is an important part to getting the most out of your relationship with OSHAcademy. By purchasing PDF, original certificates or both, you make sure you have accurate records for OSHA, can prove to your employer you have completed the training, have a professional development tool to add to your resume, and more! For more information, click here.

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